My name is Ville. I am a versatile music producer based in Finland with many years of experience in music production and audio engineering. Welcome to my site.

I strive to make unique and eccentric instrumentals that stand out in the modern musical scene and bring something new to the table. I hope you find these instrumentals inspiring and helpful in any project you may have.

As of now, I am focusing on cleared instrumentals with no uncleared 3rd party samples. Any instrumentals with uncleared samples have been marked appropriately in the store.


basic lease - $ 14.95

untagged wav master / sell up to 1000 copies / perform up to 2 live shows / in-house mixing for $5

premium lease - $ 39.95

wav trackout (mixed & unmixed) / sell up to 5000 copies / perform up to 10 live shows / discounted mixing & mastering

unlimited lease - $ 69.95

wav trackout (mixed & unmixed) / sell unlimited copies / perform unlimited live shows / discounted mixing & mastering

exclusive rights - offer

wav trackout (mixed & unmixed) / exclusive rights / beat no longer sold / discounted mixing & mastering

mixing & mastering

I will offer a discounted mixing & mastering service for all purchases.

Stem mixing with “Premium”, “Unlimited” & “Exclusive” purchase: $10
Basic mixing with “Basic” purchase: $5

After purchasing a beat from my store, contact me via my Fiverr page with your info for discounted mixing service.

modification request

Found a beat you like but need some changes? Contact me with a description of the changes you require at contact(at)hidingsounds.com and I will contact you.

frequently asked questions

What is a lease?

Buying a lease means that I am simply “renting” the beat to you. You may use it according to your licence, but all the rights are still owned by Hiding Sounds.

I bought a licence and want to upgrade, now what?

You can upgrade your licence from lower licence to higher licence. In such cases, please contact me so I can reimburse the cost of your previous licence.

I leased a beat and someone bought the exclusive rights, now what?

Nothing happens. You can use the beat as long as you are within your licence limits.


Contact me by sending message to hidingsounds(at)gmail.com